Street Openings

Street Application and Permit Information

Any excavation performed within a public Right-of-Way in the City of Portland is required to obtain a Street Opening Permit. Applications can be picked up at the Department of Public Works, Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The Street Openings Application documents are available below:

Street Opening Permit Application
Excavator Listing
Rules & Regulations for Excavation Activity
Time Waiver Request
$1000 Connection Streets
Excavator License Application $596.00
Arterial Streets

Five Year Moratorium Streets

This Street Aging Report reflects all streets which have been paved as of the date of the report on

Five Year Moratorium Streets

link. If you have any questions about any streets which may have been paved since the paved streets report, please call Carol Merritt at 207-874-8822.