OEO Advisory Team

City of Portland
Office of Economic Opportunity Advisory Team 


  • Mohamed Abdirahman
  • Mufalo Chitam
  • Julie Chase
  • Guillerme Bila
  • Donna Gaspar Jarvis
  • Chanel Lewis
  • Ahmed Al Manshidawi
  • Georges Budagu
  • Ophelia Hu Kinney
  • Julia Brown
  • Sally Sutton
  • Victoria Rodriguez


The group is convened by the Office of Economic Opportunity.   


To provide recommendations in order to help guide the direction and priorities of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

  • The mission of the Office of Economic Opportunity is to convene and leverage public and private partners to assure optimal communication and collaboration so that immigrants, people of color and other underserved populations have access to jobs and related support services as well as economic opportunities.

The scope of OEO’s Advisory Team includes but is not limited to:

  • Issue recommendations that would inform OEO’s strategic priorities by September 2018.
  • Provide support to the community outreach process.
  • Assist with the design and implementation of a public engagement process.
  • Assist with the development and distribution of project communications to reach multiple audiences.
  • Support OEO in its mission to coordinate and leverage services that aim to achieve overarching goals.
  • Review quantitative and qualitative data in order to make informed recommendations affecting OEO and its focus population (immigrants and refugees, people of color and other underserved populations)
  • Provide multiple pathways for the broader general public to provide feedback.
  • Review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services and activities of
  • Departments and agencies of the City of Portland which impact OEO’s focus population.
  • Stay informed and up-to-date of local and regional efforts which impact OEO’s focus population.
  • Improve visibility of citywide programs and initiatives focused on achieving outcomes related to OEO’s mission.
  • Assist with carrying out project activities unique to OEO.  
  • Foster a collaborative/ripple-effect community impact process.

The Advisory Team selected shall commit to:

  • Establish measurable outcomes to assess progress and achieve results.
  • Adopt a supplement vs. supplant culture to maximize collective resources and results
  • Leverage existing assets available in the city to achieve citywide results.
  • Align, coordinate and track efforts to achieve citywide results.
  • Apply informed decision-making to every strategic decision.
  • Embrace a continuous quality improvement culture by tracking progress and proposing corresponding strategies.


The Team shall consist of eleven (11) members appointed by the Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity and Selection Team who reside within the city of Portland and/or represent an area organization serving the focus populations listed above. The majority (51%) of members shall consist of members of the focus population served by OEO. The Team shall serve an initial one year term.

Interested applicants shall submit an application and meet with a Selection Team in order to be selected. The selection will be based upon a set criteria established by OEO and the community at large.

If any member is absent from three regularly scheduled meetings in any one calendar year, a recommendation shall be made to OEO’s Director that s/he be replaced through the usual appointment process.

Time Commitment 

The approximate time commitment from January 2018- December 2018 is up to forty five (45) hours of time. In Phase I (January 2018- May 2018) OEO expects the group to meet once every six weeks. In Phase II (May 2018- September 2018), the group is expected to meet at least once a month. In Phase III (October 2018 – December 2018) the group is expected to meet once every six weeks. The dates and times of the meetings will be agreed upon by the team. The Team can meet more frequently as needed. A quorum shall consist of the majority of members. Meeting minutes will be amended and approved at the next meeting. Special meetings can be called by the chairperson or by any four members. Decision making will be by consensus.

Team Composition/ Roles and Responsibilities

A chair/coordinator: provides overall leadership to the project to ensure it works collaboratively. The chairperson shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the committee. The chair/coordinator will have the following responsibilities:  develop the agenda in coordination with OEO staff, preside over all meetings, ensure the adherence of the committee to its stated purpose and scope, and oversee the development and submission of a set of strategic priorities by September 2018.