Skate Sharpening

Troubh Ice Arena offers expert skate sharpening during the arena’s open hours. The skate sharpening concession is located on the lower ice level at the arena.

Skate Sharpening Costs

Type Fee
Figure skates $6
Customized figure skates $12
Hockey skates $5
Flat-bottom V sharpen $8
Goalie skates $5
Custom radius – hockey $15

Skate sharpening punch cards are available
10 sharpenings w/2 free Cost: Hockey $50, Figure $30
(additional charge for custom or flat-bottom sharpening)

We sell skate laces, mouth guards & hockey tape

Skate Guidelines & Helpful Information
  • All new ice skates should be sharpened before use.
  • Skates should be sharpened on a regular basis – every 4-6 hours of skating
  • To prevent rust on the blades always dry skate blades before putting away.
  • It is always a good idea to wear skate guards when off the ice
Hockey Skates
  • The skate sharpening industry standard for hockey skates is to sharpen skates with a 1/2 inch hollow. As a hockey player’s skating skills increase some choose to change that hollow to 3/8 inch. Though the skate blade is completely sharpened at either depth, some skaters feel that the 3/8 inch sharpening gives them more bite or grab in the ice.
  • Custom Radius – Does your balance seem off? Perhaps your skates need a custom radius. By changing the radius of a skate blade forward or backward you can move the balance point of the steel where it touches the ice. This allows for greater maneuverability, better balance and tighter turns.

    For questions about skate radius call 207-774-8553 or stop by the ice arena and speak to Anthony Reynolds.
Figure Skates
  • From recreational skaters to advanced jumpers & spinners, Troubh Ice Arena provides all sharpening services. Our sharpeners are all highly qualified and trained by Mike Cunningham – 2014 Olympic Skate Sharpener.
To set up an appointment for customized figure skate sharpening ask for Anthony Reynolds or Email (