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Development Review Division

We develop and administer standards and policies governing development in Portland to protect environmental quality, promote economic growth, and ensure neighborhood vitality.

Development review provides a project review framework that is consistent and predictable and that creates quality development that is compatible with the character of Portland. The extent of the review process depends on the size and type of development under consideration. This process is an important evaluation process for compliance with all land development regulations including zoning, drainage, traffic, environmental standards, infrastructure requirements and consistency with the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Compliance is important for the protection of the public health, safety and general livability of our community.

Last year, the division responded to a very high volume of development applications. The division accepted 71 applications for development review, 26 zone change requests and 31 single-family construction applications. There is a diversity of construction projects, with 252 housing units approved (not including single-family construction), 28,000 square feet of commercial office space and 154,600 square feet of industrial space.

Team Approach

A single, multi-disciplinary team approach to the application review process ensures the quickest, most efficient and coordinated review possible. The Planners work with a diverse team made up of representatives from various city departments to provide a timely and thorough review. The Economic Development Division, Public Services, Inspections, Fire, Parks and Recreation, Corporation Counsel, and Traffic all lend their expertise to the review of development proposals.

Public Comment

Please submit public comment, regarding all pending development review projects, to